Trip to Peru, April 2003
comments and photos by Dimos
Arequipa Colca Canyon Lake Titicaca Cusco Machu Picchu
      Holy Friday Procession  
  From all the countries I have been in South America, Peru is so far the best. Arequipa has a unique tranquillity. In Cusco, you can walk around the city discovering wooden designs everywhere...Cusco is one of these places in the world that you can stay for ever. Machu Picchu--although we got buildings in Greece like the Parthenon that are 2000 years older than Machu Picchu--is located in a fantastic area surrounded by mountains.  
  I started from Arequipa (never visited Lima), then I took a tour to Colca Canyon. On the way back, the bus dropped me into a police station in the middle of nowhere. From there I took the bus to Puno. From Puno I visited Lake Titicaca. Returning to Puno, I took the bus to Cusco. From Cusco I flew to Lima.  
Take altitude pills before you go. If you take a tour of Colca Canyon, try to do it with the agency that has the largest bus. The road is all stones (some 8 hours driving) and the larger the bus, the more comfortable the trip.
  Funny: Every musician had on his back the music notes so that the musician who was following him can read them... photo  
  The inside decorations of the churches in both Arequipa and Cusco are fantastic. Unfortunately, they do not sell postcards with these. If you have a small camera with a small flash, you will not be able to capture much.